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Up until recently, most of Ontario real estate was aboard the crazy train. Values across the GTA were blowing up at unprecedented rates, which made buying property a nightmare. You almost always had to win a bidding war. And after taking a beating on several failed attempts with a “reasonable offer”, most buyers had to commit to a number that was far beyond what they originally had in mind.

Today, however, things have cooled off and stabilized significantly. We are in a “balanced” market, where buyers can breathe easy and make rational decisions when time comes to purchase. Buyers are, once again, able to minimize risk by taking time to do their due diligence, and the asking prices are once again up for negotiation in most cases. Hallelujah, all great things!

Still, buying real estate is a colossal step which requires high level of discretion and professional guidance. Let’s keep some things in mind;

First Steps - Pre Approval

Before engaging in the search, the best first step is to get an idea of what you are capable of financially. A simple free consultation with a good mortgage broker will reveal some very key factors for you and eliminate any potential surprises. Based on your income, downpayment and credit history, you will find out your current budget. On top of that, your broker may suggest what adjustments, if any, can be made to improve the budget. They may give you some simple instructions on how to distribute your money to get the most of your current situation, and also, suggest a long term plan to build up your credit score and perhaps some savings to put you in a much better position in the near future.

We suggest receiving a formal pre-approval from the lender, which guarantees financing for a specific amount, for a set period of time. Once pre-approved, you can make an offer without any conditions on financing. This results in a stronger negotiating position, which could save you money on the purchase price and put you above any competing offers. Sellers are MUCH more receptive to firm offers.

I've got my budget, what's next?

Your needs and wants! 

A great practice is to create a list of needs and wants. List every feature that your property MUST have, like it’s location, number of bedrooms, floor area etc.
Additionally, make a list of WANTS, such as a pool, a second-third bathroom, amenities etc.

Some good questions to consider:

How close would you like to be to your work?
Is there a preferred school district you’d like to live in?
Is public transit important to you?
Would you like to explore freehold or condominium? Both have their pros and cons.
Do you have a preference for the age of the property?
How soon would you like to move?
Do you currently lease or own?

Once we go over all of your requirements, we will agree on a target and start showing you listings. 

Let the fun begin!

The Hunt

At this point, you are all set and nothing is stopping you from pulling the trigger on your future home.
To start, you will receive plenty of properties to your email to consider. Once you short list 4-6 properties, we will book private showings for each and head out to see them.

Take detailed notes, photos and videos of each property. After seeing a few, the process quickly begins to turn into a blur, so detailed documentation will help with decision making. We will point out any visible areas of concern with our trained eye, and explain to you any issues – there are usually some things that need careful consideration.

Market Analysis

We will quickly prepare a Comparative Market Analysis once you are seriously considering a property. This will provide us an accurate opinion of value, and set a target for the offer process. Some property is overpriced. But we negotiate with fierceness in all cases. We’ve built a great dynamic with many agents over the course of doing business and know the right approach in various situations. Getting you the best number is our #1 priority.

The Offer!

Once signed, the offer becomes a binding document which outlines all of the terms of your transaction. Key items such as price, deposit amount, closing date, included chattels, excluded fixtures, home inspection provisions, financing provisions, status certificate review provisions, additional property visits, and many more are all agreed on in this document. To include the right conditions in this documents is of paramount importance. We will suggest all of the conditions we deem necessary, and make sure that all of your interests are considered and protected.


Once an agreement is reached and all paperwork is signed, your deposit will typically need to get delivered to the listing brokerage on a bank draft within 24 hours of acceptance of offer. Of course, we will handle the delivery process. Once the deposit is submitted, the sale becomes conditional or firm. As the offer conditions, such as financing or property inspection are fulfilled, we will file a notice of fulfillment, at which point a conditional offer becomes firm.

Time to move!

As the closing date approaches, the buying and selling lawyers begin to cooperate on the closing procedures, due diligence, transfer of money and transfer of title. Once the closing is done, the keys to your new home become available! 

One Call. That's all it takes

We’ve put an immense amount of work and talent into building our business in a way that simply raises the standard for the rest of the industry, and once again reaffirms the importance of this great profession. Selling an asset of such value absolutely does require professional guidance, it would be foolish to think otherwise. But that guidance and service must be at pace with our times and what is currently possible – only then is the service worth much more to the client than the commission in question.

The HERO service is a turn key experience. Once we develop a plan, we get to work and you simply wait for result.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you on reaching your goals!

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