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No matter how big or small – your home is worth an immense amount of money. For many, it is their biggest possession and a symbol of their life’s hard work. Your initial research is a very important first step in the selling process, and you’re on the right track. Do your homework and take your time as you decide in who’s hands you place this very involving task.

The Ultimate Goal (2+1)

The main goal to a successful property listing can be summarized in two very simple points:


1) To sell the home as fast as possible


2) To sell the home for the highest possible dollar amount

But another very important factor that is often overlooked and we really like to emphasize is:

+1) To experience as little stress and workload as possible in the process

Achieving these goals however, is a lot more complicated than identifying them. A collection of various talented professionals and their well coordinated efforts will be the key to success.

What Bentley?

First, understand that the beloved place that has served you and your family as a home becomes a product the day it is offered for sale.

There is a reason why great companies go to great lengths to design product packaging and beautiful marketing materials, even though those get discarded soon after purchase. Packaging is part of consumer experience and establishes the perception of the worth of the product. These help to highlight product features, its implied status, and ultimately dictate the highest possible price tag. Your million+ dollar home certainly should be no exception!

Premium experience should be expected as part of every listing – you should accept nothing less. When you hire a pro to manage the process, you should expect to hand over the keys in total confidence, sit back and enjoy the ride.

What’s at stake is a colossal sum of money. No matter how big or small your home may be, it’s certainly worth more than a Bentley, and as such, you deserve the Bentley experience- at least.

Where are you now?

The condition of your home as it stands must be assessed with care and attention. There are almost always areas to be improved.

Does it require decluttering? Painting? Trim and Detailing? Structural/Mechanical work? Staging? The list goes on. These will be discovered and discussed at your initial consultation.

How far should we go?

There exists a fine balance of investment and return when it comes to preparing your home for market, and it is possible to overdo it.

The effort, time, and money invested into prep MUST be recoverable through the improved sale price, and better yet doubled, tripled or greater. That is the goal of the prep process. Spending where it doesn’t help is operational waste.

With our experience and data, we will decide on the exact plan of action for your particular situation. The aim is always to yield the absolute highest sale price that your neighbours will not believe.

The "Feel"

There is an intangible element to a listing which is experienced by the buyers on an emotional level when they visit.

The buyer always lingers in the home they connect with. They start conversations and don’t seem to want to leave. You know an offer is coming.

No amount of features lists and photos can offset the significance of ambiance or the overall “Feel” of the property. It is the cumulative result of all the diligent prep work, tied together by our talented interior designers through the magic of their work.

When all is said and done, your property will look, smell, sound and FEEL amazing – the buyers do not want to leave and the offers keep rolling in.

Beyond the bricks

Wherever your home appears, the presentation has to be impeccable, and this goes beyond the brick and mortar. Our graphic design and photography are held to the highest standards of any industry, let alone real estate. This is another highly important element that is so often overlooked by others. To us – it’s just another great opportunity to stand out. 

Our advertising is designed to COMMAND the highest price, and we rarely get disrespected with low ball offers. We have a custom tailored campaign for each area of the marketplaces – Instagram Stories, Instagram Posts, Facebook ads, Google Ads, Print ads, Email and Direct Mail – all optimized, all tested, all effective and beautiful!

Worldwide? Of course

Maximizing exposure of your listing shouldn’t be limited to your hometown. GTA’s thriving Real Estate market has seen an influx of interest from foreign buyers in the recent years, and we would not pass up on this opportunity. Additionally, as members of the Juwai.com network, we have the ability of getting your listing behind the Chinese firewall and in front of Chinese buyers. 

One Call. That's all it takes

We’ve put an immense amount of work and talent into building our business in a way that simply raises the standard for the rest of the industry and, once again, reaffirms the importance of this great profession. Selling an asset of such value absolutely does require professional guidance, it would be foolish to think otherwise. But that guidance and service must to be at pace with our times and what is currently possible – only then is the service worth much more to the client than the commission in question.

The HERO service is a turn key experience. Once we develop a plan, we get to work and you simply wait for result.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you on reaching your goals!

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