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Real Estate Machine!

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a small enterprise!

An A-Team of hand picked experts from their respective industries


Exceptional Lawyer partners “on speed deal” to facilitate a smooth and safe transaction and to provide advice when things aren’t clear.


The best brokers in the business with preferred connections to various institutions as well as a network of private lenders. 


Obsessively particular about the look of your listing, from print to web. Only the most beautiful material and the most effective advertising makes the cut.


Professional Photography and Graphic Design is a must in order to stand out from the crowd and we work with the best in the business


Staging is an essential part of many listings. Our partners are tried and tested seasoned interior designers. 


Preparation is key, and a pre-inspection exposes potential surprises. Our hands on team can take care of anything from basic TLC to a full renovation. 


Outstanding Reasons to Deal with the Hero Team

Our long list of service features:


With a background in property assessment and appraisal, we do not guess. Receive a data-based, accurate valuation. 

A yard sign that goes far beyond your yard. Learn more about the revolutionary Hero Sign. 

Secure lockbox for easy showings when you’re away.

Your property listed on the Multiple Listings Service of Toronto Real Estate Board and others. 

We put a lot of emphasis on graphic design, and our feature sheets are no exception. See examples here. 

Your listing is distributed electronically across social platforms as paid ads, as well as in print to your neighbours. 

Automated scheduling for effortless showings of your property. 

Providing you with a choice of industry partners for all your needs – lawyers, lenders, inspectors, movers, etc. 

A detailed outline of the process of selling your home along with your local market statistics and home valuation report. 

An outline of the strategies tailored to your listing to get your the absolute top dollar for your property. 

We partnered with the most skilled real estate photographers we could find to capture your home from the most flattering angles. 

An upgraded tri-fold brochure to highlight even more of your home with the same attention to detail. 

Showcase your home on peoples screens through an immersive virtual tour experience. 

A custom stunning website with a custom domain to showcase your home. This is tied in to all of our marketing and our Hero lawn sign.   

Data is just a bunch of numbers until it’s represented graphically. We use software to help you visualize and understand the numbers that matter most. 

We double the exposure on all channels, online and print. 

Not a single print out from start to close. We do everything online and through the screens of our digital companions. Fast, effective and clean. 



A pre-listing home inspection report will help uncover potential surprises, and provide confidence to the buyers – eliminating the need for conditions on their offer. 

Staging can have a tremendous impact on the success of the sale. Statistically, staging will yield more money and sell the property faster. We will assess the extent of staging required. 

Floor plans prepared using cutting edge software for accurate representation and to aid in marketing the home.  

A custom kitchen counter home presentation. 

Small details make a big impact. We will correct, paint, replace and fix various trim components, door handles, light switches, etc. 

Luxury listing showings are conducted by our own sales person who can supervise the visitors and highlight the features in person. 

Your move is our headache, not yours. We supply a packing service to your property so you can go on about your life as usual, all the way to closing. 

Our results will move you, and our trusted moving service will move your stuff all the way to your new home. 

Buying process broken down to the finest detail, along with market information on your area of interest. 

Look into the current market, as well as market history of various areas.

We compile current and historical information on the area of your interest. This helps make informed decision and eliminate guess work. We then present you with a price opinion on the specific property before the offer process. 

Receive a showings summary at the end of the day to help maintain clarity in your search. 

Speed matters. We have a 1-hour document preparation guarantee for offers. Certain exceptions apply.  


Our Core Principles

Your Best Interest

The Client's best interest is priority #1, in every negotiation, on every move - period. A compromise in integrity is never justified in the long term. We move mountains to reach your goals, it's a promise.


"Call me at 3am if you have to", seriously. Anything with a price tag of $1,000,000 should never be managed on a 9-5 basis. It's an enormous event for you, and we are always available.

Bleeding Edge

Our world moves fast and we are obsessed with staying ahead of the curve. From flying machines to online strategy, you are receiving the latest and greatest with our service.

Exceptional Aestetics

There's a reason great companies invest heavily into product packaging - it's important. Your home is no different. From print materials to your property website, we go above and beyond to deliver your listing the presentation it deserves.

From The Man Himself

Hi everybody and thank you so much for visiting our website! 

At the core of everything that my team and I do is an insatiable hunger for quality and I hope that these pages convey that. 

I have spent most of my professional life working with Real Estate at various capacities. From building and renovating homes with my dad in my early years to handling a large portfolio of industrial and commercial clients as a Paralegal Property Tax Consultant.

I set out to become a Realtor because I felt I could inject a dose of excellence into this industry that it so desperately needed, and I am well on my way. We’ve done countless transactions of various complexities over the years, leaving many happy clients and making many great friends in the process. We’ve done many things right but have no plans for slowing down in learning to get better – we’re just getting started. 

I hope that you’ll consider reaching out to us for your next Real Estate venture. I already know that you are in for an exceptional level of service, and it’s only a matter of showing that to you. 

Remember, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Your dream home, or owning your first piece of real estate could happen a lot sooner than you think. So give us a call and let’s chat – that’s your first step. 

Yours truly, 

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